AVA brings 25+ years of experience to the table. We know how to run quality events, which includes accurate competitive ranking.

With experience comes know-how. And we know how to do affordable pricing. Teams should have opportunities to play at a quality event without breaking the bank, and we offer that with our individual events and bundle deals.


AVA wants to work with club directors, and create events that suit their needs. 

Ask around yourself!

- Utah Ice

- Club Union

- Hive Volleyball

- Elevate VBC

- 435 Elite

- High Country

culture shift

AVA is focused on more than just events. We want our constituents to have opportunities to grow, and better themselves. Certifying players as officials allows for growth, and keeps the price point of events down. Our lower event prices help keep the money within the clubs, and can be put towards player development.

Together we can be positive influences and leaders in the volleyball community.

covid safety

AVA is staying up to date with CDC guidelines, and will run events that fully comply. Your safety and health is our priority.

Our new formats help control the environment, and still deliver a quality event. Better yet, it allows for teams to avoid sitting in a gym for a full 9 hour day. Instead you play 3-4 highly competitive matches (best of 3), and no waiting around.








AVA has a mission to collaborate with local clubs in order to create a competitive yet affordable environment. Discussions between local club directors inclusive of Hive, Club Ice, Elevate, North San Pete, High Country, Club Union and 435 have allowed AVA to create a new tournament structure. While following COVID guidelines, the new  flow of matches will also be beneficial to everyone's health. The decision to shift truly created focus on QUALITY of matches throughout the series rather than QUANTITY. Instead of being in a gym for 9 hours sitting for long increments of time between matches, the tournament style allows you to play 3-4 highly competitive matches and be out of the gym within a few hours. This format allows for more efficiency of games, better team skill level matching, and allows for cleaning precautions related to COVID.

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